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Terms of Service

Maximizing Home Cleanliness: A Guide to Cleaning Reflections’ Terms and Services

Introduction: Simplifying Your Booking Experience with Cleaning Reflections Embark on a hassle-free journey to a pristine home with Cleaning Reflections. Our convenient booking options – via our website, phone, text messages, or emails – make connecting with professional house cleaning services a breeze. As a dedicated referral agency, Cleaning Reflections prides itself on linking you to experienced and passionate cleaning experts.

Selecting the Best in Home Cleaning The cornerstone of Cleaning Reflections’ service is trust and excellence. We carefully select each cleaning professional for their reliability and expertise. Our referred cleaners are not just skilled in their trade; they’re committed to delivering outstanding cleaning results.

Transparent Payment Procedures At Cleaning Reflections, we emphasize clear and upfront payment processes. Payments are required at the commencement of each cleaning job, with various payment methods available for your convenience. New clients will experience a secure credit card authorization process, ensuring a smooth and reliable service delivery.

Accurate Cleaning Estimates Honesty is key in our pricing strategy. Our referred service providers will give you a precise estimate on arrival, with any necessary adjustments communicated before any work begins. This approach guarantees transparency and allows you to make informed decisions about the cleaning services you receive.

The Importance of Walk-Throughs for Satisfaction To guarantee your complete satisfaction, Cleaning Reflections mandates a pre and post-cleaning walk-through for all first-time clients. This step is vital for clear communication and to ensure that the cleaning meets your high standards. Skipping this step releases both the agency and the cleaner from further touch-up or re-clean requests.

Cancellation Policy: Fair and Reasonable We understand that plans can change, but to respect our cleaners’ time, we ask for cancellations to be made before 5 pm the day prior to your scheduled service. Not doing so will result in a fair cancellation fee, upholding respect and consideration for all involved parties.

Accessibility: Ensuring Smooth Service For a seamless cleaning experience, it’s crucial to provide our cleaners with access to your home. If access is not provided, resulting in a lock-out or no-show, a charge will be applied. This policy respects our professionals’ commitment and time.

Direct Hiring of Cleaners: Adherence to Protocol To maintain the integrity of our referral system, clients agree not to directly hire our referred cleaners within a specific timeframe. Breaching this agreement incurs a finder’s fee, ensuring the respect and adherence to the professional channels established by Cleaning Reflections.

Safe and Efficient Working Conditions Cleaning Reflections insists on a safe and effective working environment for our cleaners. This includes providing access to essential utilities and services, managing pets appropriately, and preparing the space for thorough cleaning.

Service Quality and Responsibility Our domestic workers are independent and competent, assuming full responsibility for the services they provide. While Cleaning Reflections facilitates connections, any service quality concerns or issues should be directly resolved between the client and the cleaner.

Independent Domestic Worker: Understanding the Relationship It’s important for clients to recognize that while we refer cleaners, they are not our employees. This distinction may carry certain employer responsibilities for clients, including tax obligations. Cleaning Reflections does not bear liability for these aspects, but we are committed to supporting you throughout the process.

Accepting the Terms: Engaging with Our Services By using the services of a housekeeper referred by Cleaning Reflections, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our operations.

Termination Policy: Flexibility for Your Needs Cleaning Reflections respects your right to change or terminate your housekeeping arrangements. This policy underscores our dedication to accommodating your needs and ensuring your satisfaction.

Electronic Signatures: Efficient and Valid For your convenience, this agreement can be executed using electronic signatures, each as valid and binding as an original. This flexibility ensures an efficient and streamlined process.

Conclusion: Your Trusted Partner in Home Cleaning Choose Cleaning Reflections for an unmatched home cleaning experience. Our network of experienced, reliable, and passionate cleaning professionals is ready to elevate your home’s cleanliness and comfort. Book with us today and discover the exceptional service that sets Cleaning Reflections apart!